Dashain Festival the longest Festival in Nepal

The longest Hindu holiday in Nepal is called Dashain, and it is historically observed for two weeks with prayers and offerings made to Durga, the goddess of the universe. Dashain, Nepal’s biggest harvest holiday, is a time for getting together with family, exchanging presents and blessings, and participating in elaborate pujas. The festival of Dashain celebrates the goddess Durga, who was fashioned from the shakti, or energy, of all the gods and given weapons from each of them.

To ensure the advancement and prosperity of her worshippers, Goddess Durga, who stands for bravery and prowess, is worshipped and offered sacrifices. In the first 10 days, pilgrims congregate at holy shrines in the evening and at numerous river confluences early in the morning. The series of events that fall under each Dashain include Ghatasthapana, Phool Pati, Mahaastami, Nawami, and Vijaya Dashami.

In their finest attire, men and women visit their elders during Dashain to ask for tika, a dab of crimson vermilion mixed with yogurt and rice, as well as blessings. There are also sword precessions (Paayaa) in different parts of the Kathmandu Valley. At Hanuman Dhoka during Nawami, many animals are formally sacrificed in front of officials, invited guests, and tourists.

The Taleju Temple, which is ordinarily off limits, is open to visitors on the ninth day. The full moon occurs on the final day, which is called Kojagrat Purnima. The highlights of Dashain include new clothing, home visits, lavish feasts, kite flying, and village swings. At this time, a significant portion of Kathmandu’s populace departs for their own homes across the nation.

On the tenth day, also known as Tika, people can be seen walking around wearing new clothing and having rice tika placed over their foreheads. As people visit relatives’ houses to get tika and blessings, there is tremendous feasting.